Certified specialist lawyer for information technology law

The field of information technology law comprises the following areas of law:

  1. contract law of information technologies, including the drafting of individual contracts and general terms and conditions,
  2. law of electronic commerce, including the drafting of provider contracts and terms of use (online/mobile business),
  3. basic features of intellectual property law in the field of information technologies, references to trademark law, in particular domain law,
  4. the law of data protection and security of information technologies, including encryption and signatures as well as their profession-specific features,
  5. the law of communications networks and services, in particular the law of telecommunications and its services,
  6. public procurement of information technology services (including e-government) with references to European and German antitrust law,
  7. international references including private international law,
  8. special features of criminal law in the area of information technologies,
  9. special features of procedural law and litigation.

In order to be admitted as a specialist lawyer, a minimum number of cases must be handled in several of the areas mentioned. In addition, several examinations must be successfully passed.

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