Defense against warnings

If you have received a warning letter, you usually need help quickly because the deadlines are short.

We will help you!

We will assist you in defending yourself against a warning notice.

Many warnings are unjustified. Even if the warnings are justified on the merits, the pre-formulated cease-and-desist and commitment declarations are often far too extensive, so we strongly advise against signing them without checking them. In addition, the attorney's fees claimed are usually too high.

Thus, we were able to successfully defend the vast majority of our clients against warning letters. Thus, taking action against a warning notice is by no means hopeless.

Our opponents include e.g.

  • IDO Interessenverband für das Rechts- und Finanzconsulting deutscher Online-Unternehmen e. V. (Interest Association for the Legal and Financial Consulting of German Online Companies)
  • Zentrale zur Bekämpfung unlauteren Wettbewerbs e. V. Bad Homburg (Germany)
  • Deutsche Umwelthilfe e. V.
  • BVB Merchandising GmbH
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Daimler AG

A complete list of opponents can be found here....

How do we proceed in case of a warning?

Do not hesitate to contact us. The initial contact by telephone or in writing by email to describe your concern is free of charge and without obligation for you.

After you have sent us the warning by email, we will subject it to an initial legal review, which is free of charge for you. Subsequently, we will inform you in a telephone conversation or a video conference how we assess the chances of success of a defense and what costs you would incur if you were to instruct us.

In this context, we will submit an individual offer to you. If you are satisfied with this offer, you will receive the corresponding contract documents from us in our web portal, from which you can see the exact scope of our work and the fees incurred for this. In this way, we offer you the most excellent possible cost transparency.

You will not incur costs if you decide against consulting with us and not commissioning us.

We would be pleased to be able to help you as well.

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